The Quest for Omnichannel: Tailor your Data for Better Customer Experience

Traditional retailers have staked their futures on omnichannel retailing. The omnichannel strategy hinges on the idea that providing a seamless shopping experience in brick-and-mortar stores and through a variety of digital channels not only differentiates retailers from their peers but also gives them a competitive edge over …

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Know your Customer Experiences, Know your Data, Be part of their Lifestyle

Customer Experiences: Creating, nurturing and strengthening defines businesses. Mobile and social have increased the number and the frequency of touch points of customer engagement. Chandar Pattabhiram, Marketo CMO, quite nicely calls it Engagement Economy. Some branded manufacturers have discovered that the value of directly engaging with their clients and …

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Mobile commerce in India is likely to jump to 45-50% in 2017

Online sales in India is expected to touch $17.52 billion by 2018. It is about 3% of the US non-store retailers sales ($560 billion). What is interesting about this number is the potential and the growth rate.
In the US, the nonstore retailers are growing at the rate of 13.2 %. Mobile commerce in Indian market is estimated to grow at 45-50% in 2017. Currently, online sales in India is dominated only in the metros. As of 2015, smartphone users in India was at 220 million, growing at 23%. It is predicted that by 2017 India will overtake the US as the second largest market for smartphones, after China. Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, and Shipping announced in January 2017 that the Government of India will be investing US$75.30 billion for the road, railway and port connectivity projects. With better infrastructure and continued smartphone adoption, one can expect online shopping in India to grow at the current rate if not better.

The number of consumers who purchase online is expected to cross 100 million by end of 2017, with e-retail market likely to jump 65% year on year in 2018, a recent research study reveals.
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Role of Product Information Management (PIM) in Global Data Synchronization (GDSN) and Data Pools

We have come full circle on the data pools, from the rush of the early days of data pool proliferation to the data pool consolidation of today. To say the least industry has realized the importance of data pools, especially the established ones in the global supply …

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