Centralize, Connect & Control IP Content

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminating costs related to managing and maintaining redundant processes
  • Reducing organization-wide effects that come from inaccurate or inconsistent data
  • Accelerating responsiveness for internal and external reporting
  • Leveraging investments in existing processes and systems

Entertainment and media professionals have a tremendous challenge managing the many assets and channels used to create, distribute, market and sell their products. The internet era has created a number of opportunities, but it has also opened up a can of worms for managing Intellectual Property (IP).

A strong Master Data Management (MDM) strategy is the key to streamlining and simplifying the process and protecting priceless IP.  Master data governance is critical to ensure consistency and accuracy across business teams and systems, which are frequently distributed in multiple regions.

Implementing an MDM solution can lead your organization on a journey to a synchronized, well-functioning network of master data that will empower your team with consistent, timely, accurate data.  This will create a ‘single record of truth’ while setting and enforcing internal standards, a business taxonomy that supports connectivity, and adherence to the common data across all systems.

Implemented in an enterprise environment, MDM solution provides the ability to both manage internal master files and support the integration of external data and communication – consistent data throughout the entire Product Information Supply Chain. Master data created by one source system can be published and accepted by other parties. Enabling agencies, media, marketers, and data providers to solve fundamental alignment, integration, communication, and synchronization problems across the industry—with every party sharing a single global version of the truth.

A centralized ‘hub’ to manage master data globally, can proactively ensure that your business partners “get it right”. By sharing your master data, you can reduce waste, promote more effective interaction and eliminate clerical tasks that do not add real value. Synchronized communication among parties significantly increases efficiencies, lightens administrative burdens, and reduces errors caused by redundant work efforts—allowing the entertainment experts to create the next great blockbuster rather than chasing data challenges.

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