Food Services

Food Services

Synchronize Information Across the Food Supply Chain

Streamline procurement, processing, inventory management and distribution with the industry-leading MDM solution

The Food Processing Industry has a long-lasting tradition of delivering high annual returns and is expected to continue to grow across all the global markets. Food and beverage companies have also been constantly trying to understand and predict the market’s needs by harnessing data and gathering insights into the customers’ tastes and preferences. The industry is on a constant look-out for new cutting-edge technologies to facilitate this process and offer a competitive advantage.

In this fiercely competitive environment, the food and beverage enterprises have been dealing with data-intensive responsibilities including the adoption of increasingly stringent and complex food regulations and nutrition information requirements, the introduction of new, more productive technologies, global market consolidations, and managing a wealth of information across multi channels.

Riversand provides a visionary Master Data Management platform to manage, govern and analyze master data across the food supply chain.

MDMCenter is designed to tackle the data-related problems that the food industry is facing today including procurement, shelf-life management, data discrepancies, branding, Omnichannel retailing, and corporate reporting.

MDMCenter integrates with other enterprise systems such as SAP, Intergraph SmartPlant and InTools, Preventive Maintenance Strategy Software, CMMS Systems, Data Warehouses, etc. The solution complements and enhances the ROI for existing ERP, eProcurement, and Maintenance Management Systems.


Benefits of MDM for the Food Industry

  • Reduce the time-to- market and attain the first-mover advantage
  • Disseminate new product information across the supply chain
  • Integrate and optimize procurement databases (after M&A)
  • Manage Storage and Distribution across the logistics chain