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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Distributors and Providers are constantly seeking ways to exchange correct product and pricing information that will overcome the 30% inaccuracy rate that has become the industry average. Without a consistent flow of accurate product information, pharmaceutical suppliers cannot take advantage of new sales opportunities created by the growing acceptance of the internet. They are constantly exploring ways to increase online sales, reach a larger audience and reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs). Sales opportunities can be seized by adopting a Product Information Management (PIM) plan to maintain critical data.

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The Riversand Enterprise PIM solution delivers the ability to centrally manage and disseminate correct product information that provides a solid foundation for e-commerce transactional success. On the 'Sell-Side', the solution enables pharmaceutical suppliers to internally synchronize product information across the enterprise. It also allows external synchronization with providers, marketplaces or exchanges such as GHX or Neoforma.

On the 'Buy-Side', the Riversand solution enables hospitals to first synchronize product information from their suppliers or distributions. Then, it internally synchronizes with the organization's materials management systems to close the information loop. This centralized approach to managing pharmaceutical product information, creates efficiencies, boost revenues, and raises profit margins.


Riversand’s multi-domain MDM solution is a single enterprise platform for managing and governing Product and Vendor data. Vendors can provide the updated and accurate data through a self service portal for real time changes. Vendor data can be consolidated using de-duplication and automated parent-child relationship.

Riversand’s multi-domain MDM solution provides

  • Consolidation of regional business units and global sources of Vendor Data into a single governed MDM hub
  • Improved data quality, reporting and spend visibility for Vendors
  • Lower TCO and higher ROI