Benefits of PIM

Sub Verticals

Omni-Channel Retailing

For Buyer

For Planner

For Category & E-Commerce Manager

Daily Challenge of a “Planner” in Retail World to grow the product assortment & sales

(A) Increase Product Assortment

  • Gain a competitive advantage from a wider selection of goods and products that inspire and attract customers
  • Offer a good mix of quality, affordability, and sustainability
  • Measure the effectiveness of their current product catalog in real-time and finding out what’s missing from the product mix
  • Bring operational efficiencies across the product chain.

(B) Consistent Customer Experience

  • Create a consistent customer experience in-store, across different channels of marketplaces, ecommerce website, mobile, desktop and across different business regions.
  • Customize product attributes and information as per the channel and segmentation of customers.

(C) Consistent Digital Assets

  • Manage uniform photos and videos of products across different channels and regions.

For (A) and (B) –

Product Information Management (PIM) solution enables consolidation of product information across multiple sources and gives enterprises a competitive advantage by enriching product information and providing a seamless experience across omnichannel and in-store.

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For (C) –

Digital Asset Management Solution supports Buyers with the production of digital assets to improve the brand consistency, reduces the cost of creating product content and increases the odds of a successful marketing campaign.

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