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Understand and anticipate your Customer in the Digital Age

At a very high level Customer MDM consists of the technology and processes to view, manage, consolidate and govern critical data and relationships for customers. A 360 view of the customer’s entire relationship and interactions at any point during the customer’s lifecycle is paramount to understanding the trends and provide insights for the customer’s behavior.

As the focus on improving customer experience through engagement across marketing, sales, customer service and even customer facing channels increases, one of the key asks for a customer focused organization is to have a complete, accurate and standardized master list of their customers. Over the last several years, Customer MDM has become one of the building blocks for optimized customer relationship management (CRM).


Riversand provides solution offerings for B2B Customer MDM and B2C Customer MDM with critical capabilities such as:

  • Single enterprise platform to manage and govern: Customer & reference data (“golden record”).
  • Integrated processes for new Customer introduction
  • Global Data model and Local data governance process
  • Manage Customer Data Lifecycle
  • Identification and prevention of duplicate or inaccurate data
  • Support Customer Relationships
  • OFAC Compliance

Business Value Creation with Riversand Customer MDM solution offering:

  • Ability for targeted customer focus with next gen match-merge & survivorship based consolidation of customers and contacts
  • Integrated end-to-end customer data with Riversand MDMCenter as the hub for management, analysis and governance of the single source of truth
  • Integration with Address Standardization services such as Anaplan and DnB to provide complete and accurate marketing information for customers
  • Low TCO for MDM with cloud and subscription based implementation model


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