New Era of The Consumer

Why Riversand?




Differentiated Value you will get from Riversand Customer Master Data Management

  • Scalable Solution – Web based and mobile light UI based on Cloud provides real time scalability without incurring additional operating and IT costs.
  • End-to-End Customer Data – Integration with Riversand MDMCenter enables formation of hub for the management & analysis of the single source of truth.
  • Address Standardization – Integration with services such as Anaplan and DnB provides complete and accurate real-time marketing information of customers.
  • Data Stewardship – Ownership rules and privileges facilitates better governance around critical customer data among different business units & employee hierarchies.
  • Data Hierarchy – Flexibility of data model structures helps in supporting complex taxonomies of customer hierarchy.
  • Customer Relationships – Discovery and storage of customer relationships empowers to do enhanced analytics and better product suggestions.
  • Enterprise Global Data – Access single source of trusted customer data on all the levels of the enterprise (ranging from sales representative to warehouse personnel).
  • Increase Revenue – Gain valuable insights and improve the business relationship with the clients. Drive sales growth through targeted promotional campaigns.

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