New Era of The Consumer

Why Riversand?




What is Customer Master Data Management?

Customer Master Data Management is a platform to create and manage central records of customer master data & avoid duplication of data. It delivers a single “customer view” for all stakeholders globally, by linking and synchronizing customer information across heterogeneous data sources.

The embedded workflow-based monitoring ensures the data stewardship and governance, required for a sustainable data management framework.

Do you want to

  • Track the history of your customer interactions?
  • Gain customer insights and deliver more value?
  • Improve revenues with targeted marketing campaigns?
  • Connect with your customers and establish meaningful relationships?

Would you like to

  • Compile customer information more effectively?
  • Have a central platform for managing your company’s business relationships with your customers?
  • Attract clients on emerging eCommerce channels like laptop, mobile, and other inter-connected devices?


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