New Era of Data Integration

Why Riversand?




Why you should move to the new era of Data Integration and Syndication?

Online marketplaces represent an environment for both the customers and the vendors. Customers have access to a wide-range of brands. Producers and vendors focus on developing the best products, remain competitive, attract customers and retain a bigger market share without having to increase their marketing and advertising budgets.

The online marketplaces feature high competition between all the participants and, more often than not, businesses face substantial challenges when they try to push through the rankings and build a brand that sells itself.

To remain forward and competitive in this market, enterprises need to connect their data and ERP systems directly with online marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and their own eCommerce platform based on Magento, Demandware and other technologies. This helps in launching products faster in the market and selling directly to the global audience using high-performing customer relationship tools such as SalesForce and targeted ads.

As a manufacturer, there is need to directly publish the content as per GDSN standards to various data pools. Large online marketplaces have grown to be the preferred shopping center of many consumers. Direct data integration of the company’s central hub with outside world helps in real-time, rich and accurate product data. This empowers enterprises to meet the demands of the market and gain the visibility required to survive, transform and innovate in the long-term.

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