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Why you should move to the new era of DAM?

In the present world, the success of your business is directly correlated to how swiftly you can access and handle information. Companies use data not only to target their customers but to create value through rich media assets across a diverse set of customer touch points.

While managing digital assets is a relatively new space for most of the companies, creating engaging and interactive content that appeals and attracts customers is as old as trade and has always been one of the cornerstones of effective marketing.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions have a measurable impact on businesses and provide extensive capabilities that meet and adapt to the technical and business requirements of every vendor.

DAM can be integrated on the:

Enterprise level – for global companies who use digital assets across various business departments and grant access to customer-facing information to other partners and commerce groups.

  • Centralize the use of digital assets, distributes information faster and offers embedded workflow capabilities.
  • Increase operational efficiency by streamlining the content creation, legal approval, creative approval, and agency collaboration processes.

Marketing Department – manages the content creation for the marketing departments/groups and the collaboration with creative agencies.

  • Improved brand consistency
  • Reduced content re-creation costs
  • Distribute outstanding product information that ensures consistency across the marketing channels and the same customer experience with the organization wherever they are around the globe.

Media and Production – supports the production-oriented content (especially videos) for the media, entertainment, broadcasting, and publishing verticals.

  • Reduce time-to-market for introducing new products by improving the operational efficiency of creating and recreating digital assets.

Through DAM you can ensure that your assets are properly stored and protected on a cloud-based platform, with no data errors in them. On top of that, DAM can be converged with other digital solutions and can incorporate analytics capabilities to measure the performance of your digital content, bridge the knowledge gaps and speed up marketing operations.

DAM is a flexible solution to organize and maintain the company’s valuable digital assets and is a must for any firm, in any industry, who wants to win the online content creation race.

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