New Era of Material Master

Why Riversand?




Powering Accurate Material Information

Riversand Material Master Solution is a proficient solution for the manufacturing oil and gas companies to manage large inventories of materials. Riversand uses dynamic analytical framework to reduce the costs of procurement and inventory holding across all the global regions and business units.

  1. Single Web based platform – Aggregate, manage and synchronize all RIG and Platform related master data.
  2. Data Validation and Quality Management  – Ensure the consistency and accuracy of all the plant data including Equipment, Bill-of-Material (BOM’s), Maintenance Strategies, Product Digital Assets, Bulk Materials, Other Spare Parts & Materials Related Data.
  3. Integration with other enterprise systems – Such as SAP, Intergraph SmartPlant and InTools, Preventive Maintenance Strategy Software, CMMS Systems, and  Data Warehouses.
  4. Security  – Restrict and control employee access using a role-based authorization structure.
  5. Workflow capability -Simplify the complexities of the production process  for approvals and task management and prevent plant shutdowns

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