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Multi-Domain Master Data Management

With a Single Source of the Truth

Master Data is the critical information about business entities and concepts such as customers, suppliers, employees, patients, products, materials, stores, plants, recipes and so on. It is the foundational information used throughout an organization and make key business decisions.

Master Data Management is the set of technologies and processes which allow business and technology users manage, govern and analyze this critical information across the enterprise.


Key Features of Riversand’s Multi Domain Master Data Management:

  • True Multi Domain platform, to manage cross domain relationships and business rules
  • Single repository and Single Web Based User Interface
  • Supports structured and unstructured data
  • Highly scalable, can support any volume and scale of data
  • Robust Data Quality features like matching, merging and data quality reporting
  • Dynamic Governance features like Adaptive Workflows, Easy Business Rule writing, etc.
  • Data Integration capabilities to onboard and syndicate data with ease
  • Globalization and Internationalization ready

Benefits of Riversand’s Multi Domain Master Data Management:

  • Single comprehensive solution suffice needs for all the data domains
  • Best of class data quality and data management functionality help business users accomplish more in less time with fewer clicks
  • Optimize and accelerate Master Data create or update processes
  • Dynamic Governance and Adaptive workflows help the governance processes stay aligned to Business Objectives
  • Better quality of data resulting in higher customer loyalty, lower returns, efficient processes, etc.
  • Better reporting capabilities help identify bottlenecks in processes

Riversand’s robust Master Data Management platform provides the flexibility to manage and govern all master data domains be it Customer, Product, Supplier or Location in a single application and interface. This provides our customers with powerful capabilities for data management for any domain and cross-domain data reuse and analytics.