Why PIM?

New Era of PIM

Why Riversand?

For Retailers




Differentiated Value you will get from Riversand Product Information Management Solution

Riversand Product Information Management (PIM) provides a collaborative solution which handles the management of product data across all the enterprise processes. PIM’s extensive benefits are:

  • New Product Introductions (NPIs) – Synchronizes product information across the enterprise and with Publishing tools, ecommerce and marketplaces to speed up the process of bringing new products.
  • Superior Customer Experience – Through high-quality product information, digital assets, intuitive search & navigation menus across omni channel touch points.
  • Boosts Operational Efficiency – Eliminates manual processes, integrates and synchronizes product information across multiple ERPs, reduces data complexity, and increases transparency.
  • Data Syndication – Onboard data from multiple sources and syndicates it to industry standard data pools/exchanges such as GDSN, 1WorldSync, and GXS.
  • Scale Content Production – Respond to the consumer’s demand for more information and more products easily.
  • Expands the product catalog – Vendors can quickly upload and validate product data through a simplified self-service interface

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