Why PIM?

New Era of PIM

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Why you should move to the New Era of Product Information Management?

Achieve Strategic Agility

Increased global competition calls for agile business structures which are flexible enough to bend and adapt to the frequent changes in business strategy. PIM equips businesses with a streamlined data flow which is crucial for a complete digital transformation.


Greater Profit Margins

PIM provides the right product for the right customer at the right time. The solution improves the bottom line by accelerating New Product Introduction (NPIs), reducing marketing costs, identifying risks and preventing the potential problems in the supply chain.


IoT Connectivity

PIM connects to an entire application ecosystem and keeps all the business users on the same page with Trusted Product Data. The system draws information from data pools, Vendors, online marketplaces, eCommerce platforms and media assets and then shares it with all the interested users.



PIM  facilitates the data-driven decision-making model and helps companies to innovate by incorporating the customer feedback into the product information system.


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