Why PIM?





PIM for Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel capabilities drive the engagement of core shoppers with the retail brand and ultimately draw them to the physical store. Traditional retailers with physical stores will do better not only by leveraging the power of the online world but by synchronizing the physical and the digital worlds to provide shoppers with a seamless, multi-channel experience that online pure plays simply cannot match. Retailers face a challenge of keeping the product and customer information consistent across all of its marketing and sales channels, as well as across the enterprise itself. A product information management (PIM) system optimizes customer experience by allowing a retailer’s digital assets creation team, content creation team, marketing team, etc. to tailor their content based on the data.

Riversand’s PIM solution enriches customer experience by allowing a retailer’s copywriting team, digital assets creation team, content creation team, merchandising team, and marketing team to personalize content across the customer’s purchasing lifecycle.

With Riversand PIM  you can:

  • Deliver with Digital Data Differentiation
  • Synchronize Product Information Across Multiple Enterprise Systems
  • Optimize and accelerate New Product Introductions, Product Updates through Dynamic Governance
  • Integrate to Desktop Publishing for Catalogs, Web Content and Data Sheets