Why PIM?





Why Should you Invest in a PIM solution

PIM solutions improve sales by providing the right product for the right customer at the right time, improves efficiencies by accelerating new product introduction, reduces supply chain costs and identifies bottlenecks through better reporting. By connecting with data pools, vendor data, marketplaces, eCommerce platforms and Digital Asset Management solutions, PIM solutions connect to the entire application ecosystem and keep all the business users on the same page with “Trusted Product Data”.

Enterprise-wide access to detailed Product Information is imperative in today’s Content-Driven Commerce Environment. Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers expect rich, complete and accurate data to take key data-driven decisions on how to procure, sell and market products. Consumers expect rich data and images to make purchase decisions while managers require analytical data to make mission-critical decisions. As a result of increased information demands, the need for product data accuracy and consistency is a necessity.


With Riversand’s PIM you can:

  • Increase New Product Introductions (NPIs) as much as 300%
  • Reduce NPI Timelines by up to 80%
  • Improve your end customer experience for Search and Navigation
  • Achieve Quicker Time to Market for Catalogs and Merchandising Strategies
  • Reduce Data Complexity, increase transparency and ease of integration
  • Streamline and Effectively complete Supplier Data On-Boarding
  • Onboard data from and syndicate data to Industry standard data pools/exchanges such as GDSN, 1WorldSync, and GXS