What is PIM?

Why PIM?

Why Modern PIM

Why Riversand PIM?

For Retailers




Riversand PIM (Product Information Management) solution moves products faster and improves customer experience by providing 

  • Trusted product content for unified commerce
  • Relevant product information for micro-segments
  • Product Insights for improved customer loyalty

Characteristics of Riversand PIM

  • Built for your future growth – Riversand PIM is built on modern technology to align product information management with business strategy and provide better user experience to efficiently manage, govern, and analyze your product data. Riversand PIM increases New Product Introductions (NPI), reduces NPI timelines and helps you achieve quicker Time to Market for Catalogs and Merchandising Strategies.
  • Connected to other domains –  Riversand PIM is an app that sits on top of our future-ready MDM platform. Riversand PIM orchestrates product information across enterprise systems and provides the foundational product data at both digital and physical touchpoints for your customer through their search and purchase lifecycle. You can connect to other data domains through the common MDM platform layer. 
  • Integrated end-to-end Solution – Riversand PIM solution integrates with our Vendor data onboarding solution, Digital Asset Management solution, and our Print solution. Out of box connectors with marketplaces, data pools, and eCommerce platforms helps you move product data faster to your customer.