Master Data Management

Riversand builds software that breaks the barrier between data & business by unifying master data across the supply chain

What is Master Data?

Master Data is the core data of customers, suppliers, employees, patients, products, materials, stores, plants, recipes etc, that runs through an enterprise’s digital ecosystem. It is the foundation that enables enterprises to build analytical capabilities and manage their business.

What is MDM?

A Master Data Management platform unifies master data across the data supply chain. Enterprises can manage, govern and analyze their master data with an MDM platform.

Features & Benefits of Riversand MDM

A future-ready MDM platform is

  • A system that provides Trusted data, Insights on business process management and empowers business to act on Relevant master data entities
  • Accommodates for data volume, velocity, and variety (structured and unstructured data) through modern elastic technologies
  • Enables end to end collaboration through applications which enable: Data onboarding, Data Quality Management, Data Governance and Data Syndication

Riversand MDMCenter is a future-ready Master Data Management platform that

  • Unifies Master Data for all the data domains in a single platform with Data Discovery, High Scale in a Cloud first Data Management Platform
  • Provides the ability for users to make decisions with in-place Management, Governance, and Analytics
  • Aligns Data Management with Business Objectives through Dynamic Governance, Adaptive workflows and reporting capabilities that help identify bottlenecks in processes

Product Master

Riversand MDM for Product Data is a comprehensive Data Management solution for onboarding products,collaborating with partners to author right content the first time, governing policies, correlating with media assets and other domains and publishing to eCommerce, marketplaces, print catalogs, and data pools.

Customer Master

Knowing your customer helps you to push the right content at the right time through the right channel, during your customer’s purchase lifecycle. A customer master solution provides the ability to understand and adapt to evolving customer needs, analyze and nurture customer relationships for both B2B and B2C contexts

Vendor Master

Riversand MDM platform provides capability for managing Vendor data along with Product and Customer data. You can maintain relationships between Customer, Vendor and Product domains in a single platform, standardizing the vendor creation process across Brands and Geographies, enrich Vendor data by address verification and maintain Tax Jurisdiction Code by integrating with third-party providers.

Recipe Master

Riversand MDM platform provides capability for updating SKU information across the supply chain and maintaining relevant information for each market. You can manage the process of item creation at various levels, Market FG, Plant SKU, API and Packager SKU. Key capabilities include: introducing a new Product into a specific market, connecting a Finished Good to a Packaging SKU and enabling information onboarding in acquisition scenarios (M&A).

Information Governance & Reporting

Riversand’s information Governance & Reporting is a powerful data visualization solution that enables you to understand and realize the potential from your master data in a multi-domain world. You can easily perform advanced data analysis and visualize your data in a variety of charts, tables, and dashboards. Key Capabilities include unearthing hidden correlations and Advanced entity introspection.

Spare Master & Material Master

Spare Master: An efficient Spare Parts Management system simplifies, standardizes and automates processes through a collaborative environment. Learn more

Material Master: Riversand Material Master Solution is a proficient solution for the manufacturing oil and gas companies to manage large inventories of materials. Learn more

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