Product Information Management (PIM)

A future-ready PIM is not just about Product Information Management but also about Product Intelligence Management and Product Insights Management

What is Product Information Management?

Product Information Management (PIM) is an application that provides trusted product content for unified commerce, relevant product information for micro-segments and product insights for improved customer loyalty A PIM solution aligns the digital transformation imperatives of an enterprise by improving operational excellence and engaging with the customer throughout their purchase lifecycle.

Riversand PIM

Is built on modern technology to align product information management with business strategy and provide better user experience to efficiently manage, govern, and analyze your product data.

A future-ready PIM is more about intelligence & insights management.

With a future-ready PIM you can

  • Achieve Strategic Agility by using Product data as an Asset
  • Focus on what matters most – Drive Revenue by Customer Obsessed Product Innovation
  • Be Ready to Connect to other Modern Technologies and other Data Domains

Riversand PIM

  • Trusted product content for unified commerce
  • Relevant product information for micro-segments
  • Product Insights for improved customer loyalty

New Product Introductions (NPIs)

Synchronizes product information across the enterprise and with Publishing tools, ecommerce, and marketplaces to speed up the process of bringing new products.

Superior Customer Experience

Through high-quality product information, digital assets, intuitive search & navigation menus across omni channel touch points.

Boosts Operational Efficiency

Eliminates manual processes, integrates and synchronizes product information across multiple ERPs, reduces data complexity, and increases transparency.

Data Syndication

Onboard data from multiple sources and syndicates it to industry standard data pools/exchanges such as GDSN, 1WorldSync, and GXS.

Scale Content Production

Respond to the consumer’s demand for more information and more products easily.

Expands the Product Catalog

Vendors can quickly upload and validate product data through a simplified self-service interface

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