New Era of Vendor Management

Why Riversand?




Differentiated Value you will get from Riversand Vendor Portal Solution

  • Eliminates Manual Processing – Automates workflows such as product data validation, bulk editing, merging and conversions for languages, measurements, and currency;
  • Rapid New Product Introductions (NPIs) – The integrated workflows and automated business rules lead to significant time savings;
  • Reduces Time-to-market – By as much as 80%;
  • 360º Vendor Overview – Offers real-time visibility into the vendor product status;
  • Improves Data Quality – Extracts data quality best practices from the core PIM solution, eliminates data errors and refines product information;
  • Boosts Vendor Efficiencies – Allows Vendors to upload their spreadsheets or export spreadsheets from the portal;
  • Data Insights – Streamlines the governance process by providing a deep understanding of the data completeness and quality for each vendor;
  • Expands the Product Catalog – Helps a company to expand its product base without increasing inventory management costs;

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