Embedded business intelligence in your data ecosystem

An MDM solution with embedded intelligence takes away the burden and time lag of continually having to sync to a third-party BI system. Move ahead with actionable information when it has the most significant potential impact.

Actionable Insights

Embedded analytics in master data management for your users to take actions to create maximum impact.

Data-driven Decisions

Automate decision-making with a constant stream of trusted data that drives business agility with consistency.

Predictive Capabilities

Discover patterns you could never see before with the analytical capabilities for data, system and user interactions.

Respond to business needs and customer opportunities faster

Proactively meet customer needs by moving away from manual inputs to data-driven automation and intelligence that gives you the ability to pivot easily.

Shorten the time from data to action by automatically uncovering contextual insights built from past experiences.

Analytics and AI capabilities provide you with predictive insights for better decision making.

Embedded Search & AI learns more from the interactions and relationships that exist within data entities.

Dynamic data stories and insights help capture, link, and curate newer types of data.

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Riversand experts can walk you through the MDxM platform to help uncover deeper insights into customer behavior, have more accurate predictions and improve customer experiences and opportunities.

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Now you can unlock new opportunities to extend the business value of MDM

As you scale, automation powered by AI helps you sift through tremendous amounts of data to collect insights across the supply chain and the consumer.

Contextual Commerce

Gain insights into contextual relationships for customers and the products they like and buy.

Design Targeted Descriptions

Share your product catalog with complete descriptions to dozens of sales channels and millions of consumers at the same time, while still maintaining your brand’s tone of voice.

Rich in Search Engine Optimization

Rest easy knowing that the platform can handle rich-relational SEO for your targeted customer demographics in multiple channels and countries.

Seamless Integrated Experience

Flexibly scale out to any data size or user base in your digital transformation journey without compromising on user experience.

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