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Aberdeen Group Research Examines Benefits of Combining MDM and Analytics Strategies

Andrew Simpson

By Andrew Simpson

On September 5, 2014

MDM and Analytics United: A Marriage of Decision EfficiencyAberdeen Group Research entitled “MDM and Analytics United: A Marriage of Decision Efficiency”, sponsored by Riversand, reveals that for many companies, the challenges of data volume and disparity are very much interconnected.  As companies grow and transact more business, more traditional data is generated as a natural byproduct.  Compounding this challenge is the growth in other types of formats and data.  Between images, video and unstructured data from social channels, and automated machine or sensor generated data, companies have their hands full.

As the amount of relevant, usable business data continues to expand in today’s corporate environment, users are simultaneously challenged to make decisions within shorter window of time.

“MDM and Analytics United: A Marriage of Decision Efficiency” examines the performance implications of combining MDM and business analytics strategies into a cohesive process for generating insight, and underscores the potential for quicker decisions and enhanced business execution through this united strategy.

This Aberdeen research demonstrates that with MDM technology in place, and associated analytics to help gather, manage and improve the quality of data, companies have a higher level of trust in their data.

In addition to driving the decision agility companies seek, this combined approach has helped many Riversand customers using MDMCenter™ to drive measurable, repeatable improvements in business performance.

To read the full report, click here.