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Achieving ROI with Master Data Management

By William McKnight

On June 27, 2013

Webinar: Achieving ROI with Master Data ManagementI am delighted to be working this week with proven master data management and product information provider Riversand Technologies on our upcoming webinar, scheduled for July 16 at 12 p.m. EDT, on “Achieving ROI with MDM“, when I’ll share some of my insights on the topic of return on investment with MDM.

So many are struggling with information issues that a well-executed MDM program would provide so much value.   Some understand this and are beginning to explore MDM.  Others have formed an initial perspective of implemented MDM and may not be utilizing it to the fullest.

MDM is many things to many companies.  No information domain provides so many perspectives of value as MDM.  You could be primarily interested in real-time data integration, having governed data or implementing complex processes that build governed data.  You could be interested in separating out the data management of a single application or you could have enterprise aspirations with the data.

Regardless, once data is in an MDM hub, it can be made accessible in real-time to numerous other enterprise data stores.  It can be very, very powerful.  Yet, it’s a program with what can be very long justification cycles.

This webinar will explore these issues in defining MDM and demonstrating that powerful value proposition – for you to use with your manager’s manager, where it needs to be justified.  At some level, projects today must pass the financial test.  I hope to give you that framework for MDM.

Please register here for the webinar, and we look forward to having you join!