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By Riversand

On September 18, 2019

If you’re an e-commerce manager or digital marketer, the last thing you want to do is waste your time on the technical aspects of syndicating your product content. That’s what the IT department is for! Or even better, let someone else own this problem! However, there are three technical aspects of product content syndication that e-commerce and marketers should know about. We broke them down for you, so you can focus on what matters; providing your customer with the best shopping experience, so they come back to buy more of your products.*

*Disclaimer: You might impress your IT department with this knowledge.

One source of truth – The foundation

 There is nothing more frustrating for an online shopper than having erroneous information about a product they are purchasing. This leads to customer dissatisfaction, bad reviews, and multiple returned items, which is costly to a business. Make sure to choose the right Product Information Management (PIM) solution for your business needs. A PIM aggregates all your product information in one location with the most updated and accurate data. This “one source of truth” is the necessary foundation before laying the pipeline to distribute content to third- party marketplaces. There are many PIM vendors, so how do you choose the right PIM solution?

Select a PIM solution that is built on a Cloud-native platform, not one that is Cloud-hosted. A Cloud-native platform gives you a peace of mind that you’re always on the latest software version, and don’t have to worry about dealing with your IT department or the PIM provider to update it regularly. Who has time to deal with bugs, upgrades and disruption? A Cloud-native solution allows you to focus on what you do best: Sell products.

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Syndication – The pipelines

 You probably heard the term “connectors” when searching for a product information distribution software solution. Connectors automate the process of validating and publishing information from your PIM to a third-party marketplace, such as Amazon. If you’re an e-commerce manager or marketer, you know it’s a matter of time until you find new third-party marketplaces to sell your products to a new customer base. You don’t want to get a notice from your IT department saying that the solution you subscribed to allows for only 5 or 6 connectors. And if you want more, you need to significantly increase your budget to pay for additional connectors. And worse, it will take the PIM vendor months to build these connectors, while your products are languishing on the “digital shelf”.

To make sure that nightmare scenario doesn’t happen, ask the PIM vendors you are considering about the cost of adding additional connectors in the future and how long would it take to build these new connectors. Choose a PIM vendor that offers “connector scalability”, which means the capability of adding connectors quickly within a reasonable pricing model that doesn’t break your budget. Otherwise, it won’t be long before you start looking for a new PIM vendor.

To learn more about connectors, read this e-book.

User Interface (UI) and workflow – Seamless collaboration

Multiple people from different teams like vendors, supply chain managers, e-commerce managers and marketers collaborate regularly to add and enrich product information.  Managing this process and ensuring that they all work in harmony with the end result – an impeccable customer shopping experience – can be challenging. A good UI is one that allows multiple team members to seamlessly work together on adding product information, from specifications and requirements to images. A dashboard that centralizes all this information is crucial, so it’s possible to see the products that need more information and ones that are ready to be published.

The UI should also provide you with analytics on the products that are performing well on the marketplace, so your team can make informed business decisions based on accurate product data.

Watch this video on how a PIM solution can provide an easy workflow for all team members.

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