April 15, 2021 6:18 PM

Celebrating Our Differences at Riversand

Saloni Sachdev

Embracing diverse perspectives is important throughout Riversand. Given the wide geographic range of our employees – countries, regions, and backgrounds – we are truly a global company. Valuing our different backgrounds is so important, it’s one of the cultural pillars upon which we are proud to operate.

It’s also worth stopping to consider what “diversity” means to each of us in our daily work.

Inclusion is diversity’s partner. We each need to welcome the differences between us, and we need to know that we can share our unique experiences and personal viewpoints. Even more, inclusion offers each of us the opportunity to contribute and improve the outcomes of our project and team performance.

Diversity and inclusion work well in our learning culture. We learn from colleagues when we are open to differences in the conversation. Understanding the perspectives of others, especially when those perspectives are different from our own, expands our understanding and can prompt new ways of thinking.

Psychological safety” is a key element of inclusion. This means that we can question assumptions and offer alternative viewpoints without fear of reprisal or retaliation. Our first value pillar, Collaboration and Respect, provides psychological safety and creates a fertile ground for discussion of diverse ideas and approaches.

Think about your daily work and how diversity and inclusion make a difference. Are you personally challenged to think in new ways by your coworkers and managers? Do you contribute your own viewpoints and experience to improve the results you and your team produce? Can you find ways to improve inclusion of yourself and others, while maintaining tight focus on collectively delivering true results and value?

Our diversity is something to celebrate. As we continue to welcome our differences and find ways to use those differences to Riversand’s advantage, commitment to excellence, and getting the job done, we will all help Riversand – and ourselves – grow and succeed in new ways.

About The Author – Saloni Sachdev

Saloni Sachdev is Riversand’s Vice President and Global Human Resources Head

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