April 15, 2021 6:42 PM

Digital Commerce: Here’s What Matters Most and How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences at Scale

Ayesha Saini

Given that more of your customers (either channel, direct, or both) experience your company through digital means – sometimes only through digital – creating and delivering better digital commerce experiences is proving to be one of the best investments you can make.

Global leaders whose firms prioritize digital transformation say they thrive to remain relevant in their customers’ eyes by improving and managing product and customer experiences.

This is referred to as Product Experience Management (PxM) and Customer Experience Management (CxM).

So what’s driving this?

Making sure the consumer has the best possible experience right now is half of what it means to remain relevant.

The other half is enabling digital product and operational excellence.

And that’s why it is really important for them (and you) to focus on creating winning experiences.

What is Digital Commerce Experience?

Digital commerce experience is an interconnected process of personalizing every interaction with intelligent AI or machine learning-based automation to engage and convert shoppers.

First, to engage shoppers, you need to provide them with the right content at the right time, optimized for all devices.

Then to convert these shoppers regardless of channel, you need smart product merchandising to help build online storefronts tailored to your customer’s needs.

And when you put both of these together, you find the following:

Seamless Content + Personalized Commerce = Digital Commerce Experiences

Digital commerce experiences are expected to bring a whopping  $709 billion in e-commerce revenue in 2020, increasing by 18% since last year.

In an economy where effortless and ultra-personalized experiences reign, explore how you can make long-lasting customer connections.

What Type of Experiences Should Matter the Most?

A consumer’s perception of a brand is the sum of the points of engagement with the product, service, or company.

When personalization is added to that equation, you can curate experiences to build trust and increase lifetime value.

That being said, to create and foster ideal commerce experiences, you need to find ways to differentiate and break through the digital noise.

Create enhanced product content for more conversions

Let’s face it: Most people are busy. They hardly have time to fully and logically process decisions, oftentimes looking for the easiest way to make decisions quickly, so rationalization for that decision is easy to defend or justify.

So, just as their eyes fall on a product description that looks and reads convincingly, they are drawn towards deciding on it.

Enhanced product information management (PIM) etches a feeling of confidence, reduces product returns, and even lowers negative reviews.

Improve product placement with smart visual merchandising

Your customers want to be led. They want the barriers to making decisions lowered.

You can help them be more productive with the ability to create dynamic product collections and recommendations anywhere on your site.

The powers of these product collections and recommendations are driven via a machine learning-based recommendation engine, where you can combine past social and interactive data and current user intent to optimize products in real-time.

You can reimagine and serve “shop the look” or “view similar” styling suggestions to increase exposure across your entire catalog.

The Riversand Master Data Experience Platform (MDxP) provides you with all the tools you need to build your next perfect product offerings, recommendations, or landing pages within minutes for your next campaign.

Simplify and enhance site navigation with next-generation search and tagging

Leverage visual AI to automatically tag products with smart tagging and search solutions that enable your teams to simplify site navigation and boost revenue.

The incomparably useful function, a discovery button enables continuous browsing to turn every product page into a gateway for discovery and inspiration.

By using thousands of vertical-specific attributes, accelerating merchandising, and improving discoverability, with MDxP, you can unlock a truly accurate site search.

Find a consistent tone of voice vital for your business to succeed

The tone of voice in your web copy, product descriptions, and email newsletters can establish your brand. It is something for which your customers remember you and will engage loyally with you.

And keeping your “tone of voice” consistent across all communications is also vital to expanding into new international markets (when you’re communicating in different languages). And for increasing sales revenue and profits.

Ultimately, it serves as a foundation for long-term, mutually rewarding customer relationships.

Maximize value with SEO and digital asset management

As the name suggests, with a digital repository, or a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, you can conveniently find the digital information you need.

Above all, you don’t have to go back to re-shoot, re-buy or re-book stock imagery or video shoots because you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Moreover, to increase visibility and traffic, you can optimize your store for search traffic with a combination of SEO best practices and robust tools that keeps your site searchable.

Who Should Be Thinking About Creating These Experiences?

E-commerce Leaders: Discover human-first approaches for using AI-based automation to turn your ideal customers into actual paying customers and increase cart size with every transaction.

Merchandising Managers: Dive deeper into the Riversand Master Data Experience Platform (MDxP). See how it integrates with existing systems and how to build truly relevant experiences.

Digital Workplace Leaders: No matter where your employees are, make your company systems work for them – and not the other way around.

CX Teams: Imagine handling massive volume with speed and efficiency and still show empathy to customers and agents without sacrificing service.

Channel Managers: Drive down wait times, solve issues faster with intelligent automation, contextual self-service, unified messaging, and more.

Reimagine Product Discovery and Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences at Scale

Evolve as fast as your customers. And deliver everything they need with a data experience platform built on the cloud that unifies commerce, fuels relevance, and intelligently connects at all touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

Your master data serves as an ideal 360-degree monitoring station to capture and learn from your customers, products, locations, and relationships to drive contextual commerce, enable operational efficiencies, and measure satisfaction.

Put that master data to good use to deliver a better customer experience. At Riversand, we translate data to experiences. With our Master Data Experience Platform (MDxP), you have a global, enterprise-ready, and cloud-native SaaS that enables your company to understand, engage, and deliver location specific or device specific experiences across your delivery and service chain.

About The Author – Ayesha Saini

Ayesha Saini is a content strategist for Riversand.

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