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Forrester Research on the Importance of a Diversified Product Selection to Multi-channel Retailers

Upen Varanasi

By Upen Varanasi

On December 23, 2013

A diversified product selection is an important component of a successful retail operation, particularly in the new era of omnichannel commerce. Retailers onboard third-party vendors to constantly update the selection through all channels, but sometimes have difficulty in managing the onboarding process.

In a recent interview with Touchpoints TV, Adam Silverman, a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research with an extensive background in multichannel retail, recommended that retailers facing these difficulties should utilize product information management (PIM) systems.

During the interview, Silverman also articulates which executives and departments should be involved with the internal application of these Product Information Management (PIM) systems, and how retailers can modernize their culture to handle current and future business challenges.

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