How a Partnership Ecosystem Enables and Extends Master Data Management Solutions


By Riversand

On October 22, 2019

When using your smartphone, you’re using a powerful Operating System (OS) that is contained in the phone, but you don’t interact with the OS directly. Instead, you use the apps on the phone, such as the food delivery app Grubhub or a rideshare app such as Uber. On rare occasions you might even use the phone’s call app to talk to people! Smartphones enable a car driver to schedule pickups, a doctor to look at medical scans, or a student to do their homework by installing a few apps. We expect the phone to give us the flexibility to switch between apps or offer a variety of apps that suit our evolving needs.

MDM is a powerful solution for organizations seeking to obtain a single source of truth for their master data across all domains. However, like OS in a smartphone, the value of the MDM solution alone is limited for users. Business users  work with  business apps such as PIM, DAM, analytics, and reporting for value realization.  A solution that doesn’t let a business choose apps that cater to their specific needs or allow for adding and changing apps as needs evolve, is going to limit and hinder a business’s growth.

Therefore, a platform & apps framework along with a well-developed ecosystem of partners helps the vendor expand their offerings and increase the value of the original solution. Understanding the range and diversity of the vendor’s partners is an important step in selecting an MDM provider.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of partners: technology and services partners. These partners provide value to the customer in four key areas:

  1. Domain expertise: Consulting and System Integrator (SI) partners bring with them their expertise in one or more verticals, utilizing this experience to help identify the specific needs of customers in these verticals. They are capable of understanding the pain points that are unique to this vertical or sub-vertical and provide a tailored solution.
  2. Proximity: When customers are not physically near the MDM vendor’s headquarters or other offices, local SI partners help with the engagement by providing support for installation and service through local teams. Their local expertise also helps the vendor understand the specialized needs of the customer.
  3. Innovation: Working with partners who have technical expertise lets vendors integrate their platform with other best in-class solutions allowing the MDM vendor to provide an end-to-end solution that is fast and economical.
  4. Ecosystem effects: An additional benefit for customers comes from the ecosystem effect of the network of these partners. Each additional partner results in increase of solutions, expertise, and knowledge that ultimately benefits customers.

As a business grows and evolves, their solutions need to evolve too. As it gets ready to take off and grow, the business cannot afford to be held back by a vendor’s limitations. The right MDM vendor for your company is one that is capable of evolving to meet your needs with the help of a partnership ecosystem that enables you to scale your businesses effortlessly, removing all barriers to acceleration.

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