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Mastering and Taking Command of Data to Enhance Business Operations

Upen Varanasi

By Upen Varanasi

On May 6, 2014

EM360Master Data Management (MDM) continues to be a rich component of data management, and it is also remains a particularly important aspect of any data governance practice too. Master Data refers to the key and most important reference information in an enterprise such as customers, products, vendors, locations, etc.

I was interviewed recently by Enterprise Management 360 (EM 360) , based in the UK, for an article entitled “Mastering and Taking Command of Data”  about how MDM and PIM are enhancing wordwide business operations for Riversand’s customers across a variety of industries. The questions that I addressed are the ones we hear from our customers and prospects, a sure sign that MDM and PIM have entered the mainstream lexicon:

  • What are the key difference between big data and master data?
  • When is Master Data Management an essential component to a business?
  • Which particular markets and industries stand to benefit from MDM solutions the most?
  • What should organisations be considering when setting up an MDM network and how can organisations keep their data well-governed and secure in doing so?
  • How do you quantify the  ROI for implementing an MDM solution?
  • With the increasing adoption of mobility strategies in the way companies offer their services, is the MDM implementation process affected?
  • What does the the term “having a 360˚ view of a customer” mean to you and why are more and more companies are trying to achieve it?
  • Your company specialises in Product Information Management (PIM) as well as MDM. Can you explain why product data accuracy and consistency is such a necessity?

For a copy of the full interview, click here.