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October’s Big Data “Fest” with Riversand in Germany

Penelope Stockinger

By Penelope Stockinger

On October 26, 2018

Big data and how to not only manage it, but use it for unprecedented advantage is a topic on everybody’s mind. With some of the world’s largest multi-national enterprises calling Europe home – European companies are influencing the transformation of their businesses on a global scale..  So, it makes perfect sense that the esteemed Gartner Group would hold a Data & Analytics Summit in Frankfurt Germany on its march around the globe with this event series.  Riversand attended this conference, right on the heels of the inaugural Riversand Customer and Partner event, Riversand Connections 2018, held in Stuttgart, Germany. Together, these events made for a busy two weeks of data driven conversations.

If you are reading this and you were there, you know why we are excited about all the momentum in data management – and if you couldn’t make it (or don’t live anywhere near Germany), we are happy to share some highlights below!


Riversand Connections 2018


Riversand is committed to the European market, not only through our top-tier customers with whom we share their digital journeys, but also through a number of key partnerships with dedicated MDM experts from consulting and implementation companies. Partners include: Avensia, Advellence, Comma Group, TCS, Infosys, PwC, Parsionate and Yellowground, along with complementary solution providers such as Productsup, InBetween, Loadbee and Priint Group. Partnerships help Riversand to ensure that no job is too large or too small for us to tackle for customers.    Together with many of these key partners and customers, we kicked off our first European Customer and Partner event where more than seventy partners, customers and Riversand executives got together for twodays of intensive data-driven discussions.

Some key highlights:


Digital Transformation is not just a term, it is a reality that creates more than just bottom-line value. While looking at KPIs and business outcomes may be the prime metrics used for measuring the success of any digital initiative, there are also “intangibles” associated with better business processes.

One of our speakers told the (personal) story of how faster time-to-market for pharmaceuticals (aided by MDM) will no-doubt improve company financials, but more importantly, getting drugs faster into the treatment plans of people whose very lives depend on them – transcends the whole business equation.  The story, told by one such patient, hit-home for a great number of those in attendance.

Riversand’s customers are seeing real results:

  • We learned from Johan Ekegren (Orkla, Norway) that nearly 50% of Orkla’s revenue depends on the Riversand platform and this percentage is growing.
  • Lars Beeckmann, Head of International Marketing at tesa (Germany) elaborated on how his company puts people first with human centered design at the heart of the product introduction process.
  • Sébastien Royon from Saint Gobain (France) shared his best practices of how to manage the complexity of the building materials sector during a global MDM rollout, based on quick measurable wins.


Disruption in the age of digital business requires new tech

A common discussion theme was that if you want to win in the world of tomorrow, and you focus on disruptive business models, everything depends on data.  This requires a new approach to data management and managing data in the cloud is no longer just an option, it is the new standard.


Gartner Data & Analytics Summit


The theme of big data and disruption continued for two more days in Frankfurt at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit.Gartner believes that, “To survive and thrive in the digital era, now is the time to drive data and analytics into the core of the business and scale outward to every employee, customer, supplier and partner.”

As attendees streamed in and out of the keynote and break-out sessions, (tweeting enthusiastically), we repeatedly overheard chatter on these trends:

  • Master Data quality is seen as the #1 priority for analytics
  • AI continues to be the hot topic everyone is considering
  • Cloud first or cloud-only adoption has arrived in full force
  • Data catalogs and meta data are trending


Ben Rund, Riversand’s GM for DACH, and Michael Weiss of Parsionate presented an envelope-pushing break-out session, called “No Transformation Hype, MDM must also transform …”, urging CxO’s not to worry about ‘technology’ because TECH follows value.  Over the long haul, data management may cost millions, but with it, companies save and earn billions. AI will never replace MDM, instead it will augment it.

The goal of digital transformation is value transformation. Riversand knows a lot about disruption after going through its own transformation. “We realized two years ago that something had to change in the world of master data management.  Our customers weren’t satisfied with the traditional solutions available in the market and quite frankly, the solutions just weren’t good enough for a digital world, “said Upen Varanasi, Riversand CEO and Founder. “That’s when we knew we had to make a bold move to envision a new kind of data platform that was capable of handling the forces shaping our industry.

Read: Riversand makes digital real for customers with its latest release of cloud-native, digital-ready Data Management solutions.  


Overall, it was a busy end to October (who knew that data would be the biggest thing in Germany during Oktoberfest???).  We look forward to many exciting conversations as we enter the end of 2018 – and we are already planning for 2019.   Will we see you at the next Gartner Data & Analytics Summits in 2019?  Look for us in London and Orlando!