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Optimize your Data Management for Prolific Growth

Shamanth Shankar

By Shamanth Shankar

On January 17, 2017

To support a fast-paced product development, a global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality shower products was looking to enhance their data management systems as part of their ongoing growth strategy. The company delivers innovative bathroom fixtures and accessories of the highest quality, creative design, and exceptional value and was searching for an integrated system to aid their product development and offer a consistent customer experience across all the marketing channels.

Business-Wide Data Integration

The most important thing for our client was to consolidate structured and unstructured product data into a single system which would allow them to anticipate and meet the demand for new products by collecting and analyzing all the relevant data sets from all the available business channels.

These issues were stifling their growth efforts and they wanted to take active steps towards eliminating these problems and using their time and financial resources more effectively.

The company wanted to:

  • Quickly integrate new products and product assortments into the system more efficiently and with fewer errors;
  • Reduce duplicate data by creating a core set of attributes for each product (including key parameters and features);
  • Manage future growth by using a flexible and scalable IT system;
  • Openly share pertinent information across all the business functions and across multiple systems, stores, and global locations;
  • Gather high-quality data for accurate analysis and future predictions of their customers’ in-shop behavior;
  • Publish standardized item descriptions across all the global marketing channels and offer a unique and enjoyable customer experience;

Exceptional Customer Experience

MDM proved to be a key business component that puts the customer experience at the heart of business development. Detailed, accurate and consistent product information is essential for the success and growth of any company.

Riversand’s MDMCenter allowed our client to offer a uniform experience across all its global distribution channels by utilizing a unique set of attributes for all their products and reducing the complexity of data for both new and old products.

More importantly, the MDM solution is easy to scale, without compromising on the overall data quality and performance.

MDM helps the company with their most important mission: to build the dream bathroom for every one of their clients.

MDM has become a core component for our client and supports the corporate culture of innovation, intense commitment to quality, attention to detail, high-performance in all areas of their business and a constant focus on the best service they can provide.