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Reflections on the Trillium Software User Conference and the Importance of Data Quality to MDM and PIM Initiatives

Andrew Simpson

By Andrew Simpson

On March 6, 2014

The recent Trillium Software user conference gave Riversand, a Trillium partner since 2012, the opportunity to learn new methods of adding value to our customers with Trillium Software to cut costs, drive innovation and improve data quality. Since we formed our alliance with Trillium, we’ve helped joint customers to realize the business benefits of improved data quality in their on-going MDM and PIM initiatives. Our customers can now ensure a higher level of data quality within business processes that rely on data managed through MDM and PIM applications.

Data quality is an essential foundation to any data management initiative, whether it involves master sets of customer and industry data or product data.  According to Information Difference, unfortunately, some companies think of the importance of data quality to MDM and PIM initiatives late in the process or after the fact, which then impacts business results.  We work with Trillium Software to provide our clients with an industry-proven data quality solution that enables rapid improvement in the quality of customer, product, and financial data, which in turn assures higher value from their MDM and PIM efforts.

According to David Pietropaolo, VP of Global Alliances at Trillium, “Companies that optimize data quality realize the most value from their data management initiatives, and by combining the power of our data quality solutions with Riversand’s agile MDM and PIM systems, our clients can be assured that the data that is driving their business processes is fit-for-business. Executives can make more informed decisions, realize efficiencies and impact business performance and productivity.”

Along with other partners and customers in attendance at the Trillium Conference, we shared our experiences here:

and here

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