August 3, 2021 3:41 AM

Riversand and Syndigo. 1+1= …11?

Kalyan Vajapeyajula

The Syndigo acquisition of Riversand has created much buzz among various players in the market. Savvy customers and analysts have applauded the transaction by recognizing the tremendous value they see being generated for everyone. A few customers and prospects have been asking questions about the transaction’s medium and long-term effects. Other solution providers have begun to speculate about the nature of the acquisition.

In the meantime, the Syndigo and Riversand teams have been busy getting to know each other and making plans to fulfill the promise that this acquisition represents a comprehensive, end-to-end product information solution from master data management to syndication.

Implementing at least a basic Product Information Management (PIM) solution represents table stakes in a very competitive digital commerce landscape. But now, manufacturers and retailers are cognizant of how essential digital experiences are in capturing market share and increasing their revenues.

The latest Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management, notes that “Modern PIM users seek consumer-like user experiences, rich analytics to track content quality and performance, and automated processes to alleviate repetitive tasks and proactively recommend enrichment improvements.”

Syndigo’s recent study, commissioned with Forrester Consulting, highlighted that Digital Customer Experience is the new “’Must Win’ Battleground,” with variables such as improved product content, better integration of core technologies, and improving the customer experience ranked as most important for business outcomes.

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So, automation, analytics and recommendations, adaptability of offerings, time to value – these are all attributes that have gone from “nice to have” to strategic imperatives.

Syndigo and Riversand are two companies whose solutions possess strengths that complement each other incredibly well; together, we can generate tremendous value to customers in a very short time period. Today, this company sets a new standard for client service and offers a solutions portfolio that is both broad and deep, raising the bar for everyone in the industry.

Our combined capabilities will benefit the market over three phases:

1. The present: Individual strengthsSyndigo’s Content Experience Hub has been a trusted solution for customers across various industries like automotive, food service, grocery, home improvement, health and beauty, pet supplies, and healthcare. Syndigo’s vision in the area of enhanced content, syndication and digital shelf analytics has been recognized by customers and analysts everywhere.

Riversand is the only solution in the market to be ranked as a Leader in both the Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM and Forrester’s PIM Wave. Riversand’s multi-domain Master Data Experience Platform offers its clients the ability to harness the power of their data across various domains and eliminate silos of information.

Even before integrating the two solutions, a single company with these combined capabilities represents a powerful force that offers incredible value to the market.

2. The near future: A perfect fit — Our solutions coming together creates an excellent opportunity for our current and future clients. Syndigo and Riversand are very complementary because any gaps in either solution are covered by the strengths of the other.

Riversand’s effective data governance and Enterprise MDM capabilities strengthen Syndigo’s data management. Syndigo customers who like their solution but are looking to master their data across the enterprise can take heart in knowing that they can grow through the addition of Riversand’s functionalities. Riversand clients will benefit from Syndigo’s innovative strategy of a centralized hub that connects both sides of the industry to deliver more accurate and complete product information for a better customer experience. The list of complementary benefits goes on.

3. The future: The unexplored synergies — The most exciting part for all parties, including our two organizations, is what the future will bring. We excel along two different, yet related, dimensions.

The Riversand solution represents the mastery (no pun intended) of multiple domains of master data, including product, customer, and location – a powerful set of capabilities. A robust partner network, covering a broad set of geographies and verticals, is another key to its success. The Syndigo solution brings a strong vision of the future of content, syndication and analytics. The platform combines the most expansive reach in syndication endpoints with a real-time analytics approach to understand content performance and optimize its effectiveness.

A fully integrated Syndigo-Riversand solution will represent the best in breadth and depth of capabilities. By covering a large set of use cases across multiple domains in various industries, it will allow servicing a broad and global clientele. The possibilities are endless.

As digital commerce evolves, enterprises have begun demanding comprehensive solutions to help them deliver digital experiences, optimize their spend, generate new revenue opportunities and let them grow. With the Riversand acquisition by Syndigo, two leaders in their own adjacent markets come together. The complementarity of our solutions allows us to be uniquely positioned to meet the market's evolving needs. Syndigo is today the only company that combines multidomain MDM with PIM, DAM, Syndication, Enhanced Content and digital shelf analytics within a single organization. In this case, 1 plus 1 is, in fact, 11.

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