April 15, 2021 7:58 PM

Riversand Launches New Enterprise App Marketplace

Ayesha Saini

The enterprise application marketplace is a diverse and growing ecosystem of custom PXM, PIM, and MDM apps helping businesses connect tools, processes, and data into a unified and customer-centric experience.

As businesses increasingly evolve using Product Information Management (PIM), Product Experience Management (PXM), and Master Data Management (MDM) SaaS technologies to drive their enterprise operations, the Riversand App Marketplace is a trusted place to discover apps that meet the needs of their line-of-business, customers, and departmental partners.

The Riversand App Marketplace also represents a rewarding opportunity for developers and contributing partners to create apps and services across the latest technologies, and be part of a vibrant, growing, and innovative online application marketplace.

Many individuals and companies need or simply want to customize their solutions. And when they do, sometimes the technology they find is so wide-ranging that a bit of tailoring helps make the technology feel a little more bespoke without sacrificing what makes SaaS…well, like SaaS.

Platforms like Salesforce, ServiceNow, ZenDesk, Microsoft Office 365, and even Zoom have “marketplaces” of add-on apps to help customize the product’s overall experience.

On the consumer side, the Apple App Store helps those using iOS improve or add-to the native app experience.

Want a different take from the standard weather app? Try another one like Dark Sky.

Riversand is now proud to offer the same – custom-tailored apps that enhance customers’ power to manage their product, customer, or any other domain of master data.

The Riversand App Marketplace gives customers, partners, and developers the ability to leverage a powerful master data platform to syndicate to various e-commerce platforms or retail channels that enhance their digital strategy, or integrate with enterprise applications for seamless data exchange, or perform customized functionality for a business’s specific and unique demands.

What is the Riversand App Marketplace

The Riversand App Marketplace is an enterprise-level destination offering a collection of highly-rated custom cloud app solutions built by Riversand and external partners. These apps are developed and deployed on our easily configurable and extensible Master Data Experience Platform (MDxP).

There is an incredible opportunity in enterprise software to achieve limitless scale, performance, and capabilities. Our marketplace technology allows you to scale beyond the constraints of capital and inventory to activate omnichannel experiences and become the destination of choice for customers,” said Amit Rai, Head of Growth at Riversand.

With the Riversand App Marketplace, solution providers, system integrators, and technology partners can promote their cloud-native enterprise applications and derive additional revenue.


Why Choose the Riversand App Marketplace

With the Riversand App Marketplace, you have cutting-edge data and integration solutions on a scalable platform. All apps connect with your master data giving you the ability to extend your solutions beyond ongoing operations.

Besides, it enables you to create innovative ways to operate more efficiently and service your teams and customers’ needs better.

As such, you gain a sustainable competitive advantage to equip your company with the flexibility to deliver superior experiences with confidence and security.

Further, when applications are built on our unified platform, you leverage a single system of master records and shared resources provided by the platform with consistent and trusted data intelligence that adapts to your diverse set of unique needs.

Benefits for System Integrators (SIs) and App Development Partners

As app development and SI partners, you can quickly build, test, and launch applications for enterprise business lines. With a robust cloud-native platform, you don’t need to choose between flexibility, ease of use, and customization.

  • Leverage a robust extensibility framework with endless possibilities for future growth
  • Customize your APIs with a built-in, always up-to-date, managed developer portal and documentation
  • Access intelligent tools and a dedicated enablement and guidance team to help you succeed
  • Get featured as you showcase your app to a global audience
  • Build intellectual property out of repeatable use cases across customer implementations
  • Leverage your industry and customer experience to build additional revenue streams

Benefits for Technology Partners

As technology partners, you are leading at the forefront of successful and fast projects in best-of-breed Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) ecosystem solutions at a global scale.

In fact, our enterprise-grade scalable platform will be the foundation of your digital transformation projects, so you can quickly scale across multiple networks and provide immediate value to customers.

  • Find unique opportunity to offer the most advanced MDM, PXM and CXM solution in the market
  • Be part of an exciting and most sought-after product architecture
  • Build end-to-end solutions by harnessing the power and stability of the Riversand MDXP platform
  • Enhance value to your customers, scale investment over time, and optimize apps as business needs evolve
  • Gain an extended sales channel, along with faster adoption at no additional sales cost

Benefits for Customers

As customers, you can stay focused on your core business offerings and unique value proposition and trust our proven and vibrant app development community to solve new business requirements as market conditions change.

  • Find increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction, more cost savings, and great customer experience.
  • Address existing or new use cases with customizations that complement and extend your line-of-business solutions
  • Amazon. Shopify. BigCommerce. Choose apps that solve your biggest challenges
  • Enjoy a thriving ecosystem of community-based apps and integrations
  • No waiting for IT help – pre-built integrations do all the hard work
  • Marry speed with versatility with intuitive, cutting-edge innovative applications in your industry

Streamline your data ecosystem with the Riversand Enterprise App Marketplace. Discover the apps that enable you to provide exceptional customer experiences by acting smarter and responding faster to consumer expectations.


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