Riversand Showcases MDMCenter® at Hollywood IT Summit (HITS) 2014

Dan Crane

By Dan Crane

On April 24, 2014

Riversand Showcases MDMCenter® at Hollywood IT Summit (HITS) 2014MDM Strategy Demonstrated As Key To Managing Intellectual Property in Digital Entertainment Industry

Albeit brief, the one-day Hollywood IT Summit (HITS), where Riversand was a Brand Sponsor, was a great event! After an exciting lineup of presentations, we spent the afternoon meeting with entertainment industry CIOs and their staffs, the specifiers who are making the tough technology choices and managing the budgets.

These corporate agents of the new digital entertainment empowerment attended HITS to collectively address the issues of hardware and software platforms, network connectivity, big data and data analytics, vendor management, SaaS and BPO, development of resources and global navigations in a day-long, executive program that annually sets the stage for thought leadership among the industry’s information technology leaders.

Throughout the conference, it was clear to many that entertainment and media professionals have a tremendous challenge managing the many assets and channels used to create, distribute, market and sell their products. The internet era has created a number of opportunities, but it has also opened up a can of worms for managing Intellectual Property (IP).

My colleagues and I discussed our entertainment client use cases with attendees, and demonstrated how a strong Master Data Management (MDM) strategy is the key to how Riversands’ entertainment industry customers’ are using Riversand’s MDMCenter to streamline and simplify the process and protect their priceless IP. Master data governance is critical to ensure consistency and accuracy across business teams and systems, which are frequently distributed in multiple regions. Read more: http://www.riversand.com/industries/entertainment .

With all of the interest in our MDM and PIM solutions for the entertainment industry, the Hollywood IT Society has our vote to make the next Hollywood IT Summit last longer than one day! For more information on how Riversand’s entertainment industry customers are using Riversand’s MDMCenter to streamline and simplify the process and protect their priceless IP, see: http://www.riversand.com/industries/entertainment and contact us HERE if you have any questions or would like a demo of our software.

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