Riversand’s Learning Culture is Foundational for Our Growth

Saloni Sachdev

By Saloni Sachdev

On September 25, 2020

At Riversand, learning is embedded in the way we work.

We have a learning culture that defines what we do and why we do it. As a fast-growing company looking to define the next generation of master data experience management (MDxM) and product information management (PIM) for the world’s best companies, we are constantly advancing the idea of growing mentally and professionally to develop the insight of solving tomorrow’s problems today.

In fact, learning is the platform upon which our values pillars rest:

  • The Collaboration and Respect of Pillar 1 rests on a foundation of an open sharing of ideas and mutual support with learning as an intrinsic component.
  • In Striving for Excellence (Pillar 2), we embrace learning opportunities that will help us continue to improve individual, team, organizational performance.
  • Each of us proactively fills our role in the company and diligently pursue our Responsibilities (part of Pillar 3), learning as we go.
  • Generally speaking, what does the term “learning culture” in a company or organization mean to you? Various definitions have four elements in common:
  • A growth mindset: An open and inquisitive approach that drives employees to seek new information and viewpoints
  • Emphasis on continuous improvement: Individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole do not “rest on their laurels,” but keep pushing to improve effectiveness and performance
  • An intention to learn: Learning is a fundamental part of work activities, sought in every interaction, in informal situations as well as formal learning environments
  • Encouragement of independent learning: Each employee is on their own unique quest for knowledge and collaborates with management to direct their learning experiences toward the objectives of their team and the mission and goals of the larger organization.

How do we encourage our learning culture at Riversand? 

To date, the largest part of our learning has been what could be called “informal,” meaning that the transfer of knowledge has not been in a structured educational setting. It has been through mentor-mentee interactions, peer-to-peer information sharing, and team knowledge transfer. Many Riversand employees have also independently pursued formal learning opportunities. And, of course, some employees have attended formal training courses approved by their manager.

One of our organizational values demand continuous improvement, and we include the way we learn in that endeavor. Learning at Riversand has three aspects:

1. Individual-driven learning.

Each employee in Riversand collaborates, strives for excellence, and gets things done — demonstrating our three value pillars. In a learning context, each employee seeks opportunities to gain knowledge and skills that enhance their job and their results.

2. Management-supported learning.

The manager-employee relationship includes performance and career planning. Alignment around learning opportunities is part of this equation, including proactive training proposals presented by the employee as well as direction by the manager based on the direction they want the employee to go in their career progression.

3. HR-sponsored learning.

Human Resources (HR) holds an organizational view of learning that includes both the other aspects as well as a strategic direction based on executive objectives. Part of HR’s role in Riversand is to continue to make effective learning opportunities available to employees and to work with managers to provide staff with the right training tracks.

These three aspects define Riversand’s learning culture; continuing to develop these aspects will strengthen that important company foundation. As a result, our global team can gain mastery in job-specific skills and foundational skills that are important in any position. This is our commitment to our employees: Riversand will continue to expand employee learning opportunities and support their growth and excellence.


About The Author – Saloni Sachdev

Saloni Sachdev is Riversand’s Vice President and Global Human Resources Head

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