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The Role of Data Governance and Data Quality in Successful Product Information Management Initiatives

Raman Parthasarathy

By Raman Parthasarathy

On June 24, 2014

Join us at DGIQ 2014Riversand is in San Diego this week as Bronze Sponsor of the DGIQ Conference 2014 and taking an active part in the conversation on PIM and Data Quality. Riversand’s partner Kelle O’Neal, Managing Partner at First San Francisco Partners and I will discuss the role of data governance and data quality in successful product information initiatives.

Organizations such as Retailers, Manufacturers and others dealing with Product Data as a key data domain are increasingly looking at Product Information Management (PIM). Some of business benefits of PIM include faster new product introductions, increased productivity in managing product master data, clear and consistent product data across different channels resulting in better customer experience and increased sales.

Kelle O'Neal and Raman Parthasarathy at DGIQ 2014
Conference photo: Riversand’s Raman Parthasarathy and Riversand partner Kelle O’Neal, First San Francisco presenting “Role of Data Governance and Data Quality in Successful PIM Initiatives” at DGIQ 2014

From a data perspective, PIM initiatives involve product data acquisition internally and externally through business partners followed by data management & enrichment through complex business process workflows supported by data governance & stewardship. The range of data spans from internal & structured to external and unstructured content. Key understanding and focus on Data Quality Management (DQM) as well as Data Governance (DG) becomes an important imperative for the overall success of the PIM program and in turn resulting in increased business value & impact.

In this session we will cover: 
  • Business Benefits of PIM
  • Why focus on Data Governance and Data Quality as part of PIM?
  • How Riversand’s MDMCenter enables the above ?
  • Case Study

We hope to see you there or click here to contact us for a copy of the presentation.