Similar but different — adjusting to the Syndigo culture

Saloni Sachdev

By Saloni Sachdev

On August 30, 2021

Authenticity. Passion. Collaboration. Empowerment. Innovation.

The culture of Syndigo is founded on these values. In many ways, your experience may be similar to Riversand, which had a culture that strived for excellence at all levels, teams that followed through with results, and a collaborative, respectful environment where everyone could win.


Of the five Syndigo values, the two that are the bedrock of the company are empowerment and authenticity, according to Paul Salay, our CEO. “The word ‘empowerment’ carries so much weight here,” he said. “It is critical to our success, not only as an organization but as individual leaders. We move extremely fast and there always seems to be something new on the horizon coming our way.

Empowerment is essential to promote the healthy and natural growth of the organization and continue its forward momentum. It is also critical in allowing all team members to gain the experience needed to further their careers.

There are many companies that operate with the traditional hierarchical structure, where decisions are made at the top and are handed down to employees. Syndigo operates quite differently, with a decentralized organization. All leaders, including the executive staff, look to their people to make decisions. This is the value of empowerment up close, every day. For you, this means that, whatever your role in the company, you will make decisions that may previously have been only for managers to make.

As far as the second key value, Paul said, “Authenticity unlocks the value of diversity, and we thrive because we are diverse. We move extremely fast, and having multiple minds thinking through steps helps ensure the best path is being taken for the organization.”

This is a big shift, and Syndigo leaders know it. They also know that it will take time for you to adjust to this new way of working and are ready to support you with whatever you need to make the adjustment.

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