August 3, 2021 8:03 AM

Pillar 2 of 3 — Strive for Excellence

Saloni Sachdev

As a lean organization with a vibrant startup culture, Riversand is naturally oriented toward innovation in its internal operations as well the solutions it provides for clients. The quality of our management and employees adds excellence to the equation, ensuring that our out-of-the-box thinking is accompanied by a high commitment to quality.

“Strive for excellence” is the second value pillar of Riversand. At the individual level, an employee demonstrates this in a number of ways:

I set my own performance bar higher each day. I know that this will support reaching my own goals as well as ensure that I’m doing the best job I can. Therefore, I compete with myself to continuously improve.

I base my observations and ideas on a quantitative foundation. Thinking systematically and factually is most beneficial to my team and the company. Therefore, I make sure my insights are data-driven.

Taking “the way things work around here” for granted leads to complacency, which can land me and my team in a performance rut. Instead, I take nothing for granted. With this value pillar in mind, I challenge the status quo and suggest better approaches.

Lack of attention to my own skills and expertise can put me in a personal performance rut. To make sure that I am up-to-date and can make the right decisions for professional development, I stay connected with the latest trends in my area of work.

Keeping the first value pillar of Riversand in mind, I speak my mind, respectfully and constructively, in discussions and meetings.

I recognize that the world, the business landscape and my own life are characterized by change. Rather than resist or avoid this reality, I thrive on change.

A workforce demonstrating these aspects of our second value pillar in their everyday work has a compounding effect on the organization — the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. This is expressed on the company level in various ways:

Our employees’ commitment to continuous improvement translates to a keen focus on excellence. We are passionate about being better today than we were yesterday.

We keep our organizational thinking open and inquisitive. As a result, we offer fresh ideas to our internal operations as well as to clients.

Just as our employees base their observations on fact and quantitative information, our insights are data driven.

With data-driven thinking and “not the status quo” as a guiding principle, we suggest better approaches to business issues and challenges.

Our forward movement is not bogged down by burdensome decision processes. We know that there is speed in action.

As an organization, we are energized by the reality of change. As our markets evolve and our clients grow, we push boundaries and drive change.

We don’t just vie with our competition. We use our own performance as a benchmark and compete with ourselves to continually improve.

With our first value pillar front and center in our thinking, we acknowledge the contribution that each person makes by acknowledging and thanking them.

The demand for excellence from our employees is a natural result from a work environment that express the communication and respect that forms Riversand’s first value pillar. As the human resources lead for the company, I help foster this value pillar by eliminating performance roadblocks and serving as a reminder that our ability to achieve excellence is based on each one of us embedding company values in our day to day work.

About The Author - Saloni Sachdev

Saloni Sachdev is Riversand’s Vice President and Global Human Resources Head

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