Syndigo Values: Foundation for a Great Future

Saloni Sachdev

By Saloni Sachdev

On August 9, 2021

Corporate Values

Riversand SyndigoCorporate values are the bedrock of a company’s culture and have a major influence on the everyday work experience. Riversand leadership crafted the three pillars that expressed the values of the firm.

Riversand’s values were created so they could truly be lived on a daily basis. This is how they show up on individual and company levels:

  1. Collaboration and respect
  2. Strive for excellence
  3. Get things done

Syndigo has also articulated its corporate values. Syndigo’s show why incorporating Riversand into their enterprise makes sense.

  1. AUTHENTICITY: Be your true self because good people make good business
  2. PASSION: Inspire each other with your energy and drive every day
  3. COLLABORATION: Work together as a team to be stronger than any individual
  4. EMPOWERMENT: Lead through white-glove service and drive success at all levels
  5. INNOVATION: Embrace change and strive to redefine our industry


Team Riversand Authenticity and empowerment are of special note. Syndigo is a safe place for all employees to be authentic, whatever their ethnicities or personal lifestyles. It is one of the values that creates the energy and creativity that fuels Syndigo’s momentum and success. Be you, 100 percent, and know that your coworkers are doing the same.

Empowerment is the basis for the structure of the company. Decentralized with very wide scope for independent decision making, Syndigo thrives through empowering all employees and creating an environment where employees can empower each other.

How do the Riversand values track with those of Syndigo? There is great alignment between the two. Can you spot the similarities?


The Syndigo values of Authenticity, Collaboration, and Empowerment express and extend Riversand’s first value pillar, pointing to the importance of respect, collegiality, and teamwork in the workplace. Passion and Innovation are intrinsic in the pursuit of excellence and point to a vibrant and productive workplace. All five Syndigo values are part of Riversand’s third pillar and express the qualities that are the fuel for getting things done.

Our values are the same but different. Riversand and Syndigo are now one company and culture. For the employees, that means a solid foundation for the future—more opportunities for professional development, more resources for innovation and customer service, and more directions for career advancement.

Without question, it’s an exciting future. The foundation on which we conduct business together– is so strong.


About The Author – Saloni Sachdev

Saloni Sachdev is Riversand’s Vice President and Global Human Resources Head

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