August 3, 2021 8:05 AM

Pillar 3 of 3 — The Values of Riversand

Saloni Sachdev

The three value pillars of Riversand guide employees and managers throughout the company. Pillar 1, Collaboration and Respect, characterizes our norms for interaction and engagement. Pillar 2, Strive for Excellence, expresses the energy and drive for innovation and continuous improvement. Pillar 3 follows through with results — we Get Things Done.

The ways that this value pillar is expressed at the individual level include:

My word has value. I say what I will do, and I do what I say.

I am not simply a worker bee in the organization. I take full ownership of my roles and responsibilities, and I do not drop the ball.

I am accountable from my mistakes and don’t get bogged down by them. Instead, I learn from them and as a result I fail forward.

With the second value pillar as my guide, I focus on producing results.

I bring a full measure of energy to the work I do, and I consistently demonstrate passion and strong performance.

My team members and managers can count on me to keep my word and produce excellent results. I am a reliable colleague.

I recognize the importance of demonstrating confidence in strong performance, and I deliver results.

My results are not just qualitative, they are quantitative. I achieve great amounts of important work.

The kind of productivity characterized by the individual aspects of this value pillar leads to an organizational expression:

Our accountable workforce that we take ownership of ourselves and in our work.

We engage with mistakes and errors in a constructive way so that we fail forward.

We produce a high volume of high-quality results. We are proud of our work.

We understand that we operate in an ecosystem of customers, competitors, vendors and contractors, and we respect the people and entities we engage with. Therefore, while we are privately confident in our work and results, we are publicly humble.

With its three value pillars in place, Riversand is positioned to grow. Our dedication to collaboration and respect, our striving for excellence, and our commitment to getting things done combine into an organization that continues to innovate and deliver results in an environment of constant change. Employees are confident that they are heard and valued, and they bring a great passion to their work every single day. The results we produce and the rate at which we produce those results are sources of pride for each employee and for the company as a whole.

It is a great privilege to be part of Riversand as the human resources lead. I am inspired by our team and by the excellent leadership of our management. Is it any wonder I look forward to every work day?

About The Author - Saloni Sachdev

Saloni Sachdev is Riversand’s Vice President and Global Human Resources Head

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