The Women of Riversand Make a Difference in Many Ways

Saloni Sachdev

By Saloni Sachdev

On March 8, 2021

Working in Human Resources can be enormously fulfilling because I get a global, macro look across Riversand’s greatest resource – our employees – and see patterns and trends that many don’t realize.

From my vantage point, women add a wonderful and vital dimension to the workplace.

In particular, they bring many amazing qualities that add value and improve the working experience for everyone.

[Riversand is proud to share its International Women’s Day 2021 Video]

As Team Players

With a natural ability to see things from other’s points of view, women are excellent collaborators. Teamwork comes easily for most. When there are conflicts in the workplaces – whether it’s between two people, or a whole team unable to agree on an outcome – women are often the catalyst to settle the conflict and bridge the impasse.

As empathetic listeners and excellent communicators, they respect others’ points of view and input and will work together to reach an end goal.

As Change Makers

Women are great connectors. Being plugged in and energized with the same purpose and passion is inherent. As a team spread halfway around the world, we know our ‘she’ team feels the same sense of trust, transparency, and inclusion as they did when working face-to-face.

This orientation creates a ripple effect. It motivates, keeps the momentum going, and helps everyone to strive for excellence.

As Value Creators

As we’ve said before, women tend to take a larger and longer view of work and life in general. They don’t compartmentalize work but see it as part of life as a whole.

Women have a natural orientation toward service and place a high value on people, not just profits. This holistic view reminds us of what we can accomplish in the world together.

Through all of these outstanding qualities and skills, our workplace remains more productive, team-oriented, and successful, which is another way of saying they help us get our jobs done.

As we salute our 91 incredible women for their contributions at Riversand, keep an eye out for what’s coming next.

If you wish to join Riversand, email or email me at Have a great International Women’s Day.

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