May 4, 2021 11:34 PM

What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work?

Saloni Sachdev

In March this year, Riversand employees were invited to participate in a survey by Great Place to Work® – a global authority on workplace culture that decodes the employee experience with their rigorous, data-based model and deep insights to define what makes a workplace great.

The response was inspiring – a whopping 92 percent of employees surveyed said that Riversand is a great place to work, compared to a typical U.S.-based company which averages 59 percent of the same response.

The visual representation of words drawn from the Trust Index™ survey describes the meanings and values drawn from employee responses and shows their sentiments.

You will notice, for instance, many words convey positive employee experience: PEOPLE, FAMILY, TEAM, OPPORTUNITIES, LEARN, and GROWTH twice.

The other responses to this survey included open and collaborative culture, accessibility and engagement of the CEO, and supportive, family-like working relationships.

The best projection, perhaps, is Riversand’s response to caring for its employees during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Making a company “the place” for our employees requires taking the time to assess our workplace culture and then determining where to nurture and improve our talent and succeed as a business.

While senior leaders are pleased with gains of gratitude and global cooperation, they do not pat themselves on the back and remain complacent of these scores.

Instead, they introspected the core aspects of Riversand that have made it possible for us to become a great place to work.

Considerations That Make Riversand a Great Workplace

The employee experience impacts everything for us – from our organizational culture to our bottom line. When our employees can trust their managers, take pride in their work, and have camaraderie with fellow workers, the whole company prospers.

What makes us even more special is our:

  • People-first philosophy: Sure, salary and benefits do attract new candidates to join. But putting people ahead of profits means more than providing excellent benefits.

Leaders and managers at Riversand take a keen interest in their employees, making sure they provide the tools and learning opportunities needed not only to get the work done but help advance their careers as well.

  • Open communication in all directions: Senior leaders are transparent about current realities, making sure they share shorter, more frequent communications based on what they know and filling in more details later, as needed. Conversely, they welcome upward communication from any employee.
  • Trust: Open communication is part of building trust in Riversand. Same thing for consistency in integrating practices and behaviors that build trust – for example, policies and procedures are followed consistently throughout the company.
  • Clear and meaningful values: Riversand’s values are not only well defined but also are an explicit part of the way the work is done every day.
  • Profound relationships: Many of our survey participants used the term “family” in their comments. This describes their work experience and expressed pride in the results that they and their teammates achieve by “knowing” each other, our customers, and our ecosystem.

However, there is always room for improvement. Our leadership recognizes the points made by our employees on what’s not working. And we acknowledge our commitment to address in the best way possible these needs to overcome current challenges.

The three opportunities for improvement are:

  • Finding ways to slow down the fast pace (“stop and smell the roses”)
  • Supporting new employees better in terms of training
  • Creating a robust career development support system

As our leaders invest comprehensively in the future, they continue to create new opportunities for our employees within Riversand and also become a significant source of market value creation in existing and emerging business segments.

Riversand’s certification as a Great Place to Work is a validation of the culture that everyone has built together so far.

Looking forward, we will continue to build future people models and sponsor continuous improvement in the company’s programs, procedures, policies, and activities a priority.

Interested in joining a strong global team and a Great Place to Work®? Visit our Careers page to get started.

About The Author – Saloni Sachdev

Saloni Sachdev is Riversand’s Vice President and Global Human Resources Head

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