Power Your Business with a Modern Platform That Makes It Easy for You to Scale

You shouldn’t be afraid of the challenges, headaches, frustrations when you grow or change direction. Riversand helps you and your master and product data scale no matter how your business changes, Partners and developers can build new features using a flexible Software Development Kit (SDK) and APIs. Marketers see success from their account-based initiatives. Data scientists generate accurate insights. And customers get a personalized, secure experience. With Riversand Master Data Experience Management (MDxM), you don’t need to compromise digital agility as you scale.

Data technology as agile as your demand

Your technology should help enable your scale, not hinder it. With emerging omnichannel engagement, developer and partner teams can help drive innovation to adapt to new user loads and manage changing technology standards using the App SDKs deployed on the Riversand Platform.

Unified UX with intuitive & advanced visualization

Extend the functionality of existing apps with new UI plugins, widgets, graphics, and reports to create end mile solutions that solve specific use cases in your industry.

Improved process and capabilities

Stay competitive while you scale by creating new apps to connect and integrate with external marketplaces, e-commerce, and on-premise systems with minimal downtime.

Enhanced predictive analytics

Use the Riversand Analytics processing engine to create insights and actionable next-steps for more comprehensive management and understanding of your master data.

A platform to help build, execute and scale smarter

Our API-first software architecture ensures master data modularity, out of the box apps, management and stewardship, and AI-based processing. In particular, a microservices approach adds secure, future application functionality on a robust, extensible platform.

Ready to Build New Apps on the Riversand Platform

Transform and improve the way your teams work together. Ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

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Now you can unlock new opportunities to extend the business value of MDM

As you scale, automation powered by AI helps you sift through tremendous amounts of data to collect insights across the supply chain and the consumer.

Positive User Experience

With a scalable and reliable app, manage rapid advancement without forgoing user experience.

Handle Traffic Surge

Marketing on your apps during holidays, festive occasions, and other special events just got easier.

Higher ROI

Scaling with apps helps you identify issues early and sets the platform for amazing user feedback and high-growth potential.

Embedded business intelligence in your data ecosystem

An MDM solution with embedded intelligence takes away the burden and time lag of continually having to sync to a third-party BI system. Move ahead with actionable information when it has the most significant potential impact.

Grow with Riversand’s out of the box (OOTB) channel layer

The Riversand OOTB apps come in-built with your subscription covering specific business rules are embedded in the API and can be updated independently of the platform upgrade.

  • Kafka
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Azure

Unlock data from legacy systems to drive new applications

Consolidate and organize all your app data in one place – on the Riversand Platform, making it available to serve new and existing digital initiatives without disrupting existing backends.

  • Address Correction
  • SDL Translation
  • World Sync
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Cloud Apps

Optimize resource consumption by analyzing master and app data

Scale on a technology platform that provides growth and informs business decisions based on advanced analytics.

  • Scalability Testing
  • Enrich Master Data
  • Design Review
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Implementation Review

A cloud-native SaaS infrastructure that supports your workforce and business continuity

Business routines are no longer the same. A stable, SaaS-based technology infrastructure helps figure out where to focus and how to pivot based on changing data and operational considerations.

  • Crisis Response
  • Workforce Planning
  • Customer Engagement
  • Extensibility
  • Business Continuity

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