Take Advantage of Riversand’s Truly Cloud-Native Architecture

You want a company that has invested significantly in redesigning its entire technology architecture to leverage the improved performance and responsiveness of cloud-native software. Riversand was first to do this in its field.

With Riversand, you can work with a proven technology “Visionary” to help ensure that your investment in master data experience management remains first-in-class, and relevant for years going forward. Riversand’s cloud-native, multi-tenant software-as-a-service was built from the ground up, and is proven with world-leading companies to deliver the most advanced data management platform available.

Managed by enterprise-ready software, controlled by APIs

Riversand Master Data Experience Management (MDxM) helps deliver data to experiences – giving the right data to the right customer at the right point in time. With a cloud-native solution, you have a dependable technology platform that is resilient with web-scale distributed applications that can handle massive user traffic and data load, anywhere.

Don’t compromise with a “cloud-washed” solution that uses rapidly outdated architecture ported quickly to the “cloud.” Your performance will suffer, and you will be stuck with maintaining outdated versions and downtime due to limited levels of redundancy.

Purpose-built for the cloud

Rapidly address continually emerging business imperatives with an architecture purpose-built for the cloud. Riversand is a Microsoft Partner and works natively on Microsoft Azure.

High change tolerance

Never get caught off guard by unexpected traffic surges, causing poor application performance and downtime.

Zero downtime upgrades and versioned service updates

Keep user experience intact with fully automated operations, continuous integration, and security, with no interruptions.

Infinite scalability

Make your business success reliant on exceptional digital experiences. Meet with confidence any real-time urgency or unprecedented levels of uncertainty at any scale.

Open up to epic possibilities with rapid, data-driven experimentation

Get more closer to your consumers by kickstarting cloud-native projects in only a few weeks. New features can now go development to production using API infrastructure that supports real-time experiences with less risk and manual effort.

Positive User Experience

With a scalable and reliable app, manage rapid advancement without forgoing user experience.

Data-driven Experimentation

Roll out and test with small, fast release schedules before developing any ideas further.

Easy Start, Low Cost

Try out new instance types, databases, tools, or whatever you need with minimal cost, risk, and effort.

Built for thousands of customers worldwide

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Now you can unlock new opportunities to extend the business value of MDM

As you scale, automation powered by AI helps you sift through tremendous amounts of data to collect insights across the supply chain and the consumer.


Know exactly what is going on with your data – when, where, and performance –  with easy-to-act-on metrics, meaningful dashboards, and automated notifications.

Shared data centers

Use a single common infrastructure that removes the need to increase the number of data centers for each tenant.

Large computing capacity

While your data and computing power grow exponentially, never worry about adding more server or computing capacity. Cloud-native scales beautifully as you grow.

Optimum efficiency

Power hundreds and thousands of users, or millions of data records, at once where recourses can be accessed simultaneously.

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