Extract Value from the Five V’s of Big Data


If we consider big data as a pyramid, ‘volume’ is the base.

Estimates suggest:

  • Most U.S. companies store 100 terabytes of data
  • One to three million pieces of data is collected every day
  • Every 40 months, the volume of data doubles

With the Riversand platform, you can now quickly deal with sheer volumes of data generated by people, databases, and other data types…and not lose computing velocity or performance degradations like in non-cloud-native environments.


In addition to managing large volumes of data, you need data to flow quickly – as real-time as possible.

It should include:

  • Speed of creating data
  • Speed of storing data
  • Speed of analyzing data

Get the operational efficiency and competitive advantage you need to make a difference now.


Variety adds another layer of complexity with different forms such as text, images, and geospatial data.

You need:

  • Structural variety: different formats and models
  • Unstructured variety: audio, view and social
  • Semi-structured variety: email, tags and markings

Scale your data in all its variety, knowing that you’re backed with advanced machine-learning processing capabilities and specialist analytics tools on the Riversand Platform.


You should know whether a data asset can be trusted and if there are similar or related data that may be a better fit for a project.

You need data, that is:

  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • as Context within analysis

Get rid of empty noise and trust the information you use to make business decisions.


Finally, the fifth V at the top of our pyramid depicts value that transforms a tsunami of data into meaningful and actionable business value.

  • Balanced governance
  • Business intelligence
  • New opportunities

Discover new cross-sell opportunities or create new product lines by scoping in insights with trusted information aligned to achieve your objectives.

The Riversand platform architecture brings together all the 5 Vs: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, and Value all translate into more efficient processes within the enterprise and to scale a new generation of services for the future.

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