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Berlin, GER
September 17, 2019


56 : Days
22 : Hrs
39 : Mins

Discover The Future AI Driven Content

Riversand and AX Semantics help clients to be more efficient by the use of AI for better content which drives better conversions in e-Commerce.

The AXCD is THE international day for Content, Content Marketing and Content Automation. Top speakers and many sessions will give you input and new impulsesfor your success in content issues. What are current trends and opportunities? How do I reach my target groups? What and how do others do their content work? Learn more about the effective use of technology and better processes that you are able to create, manage, deliver and scale your content activities. Be part and have fun at the AXCD!

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Meet the Experts

Ben Rund, General Manager DACH & VP Business Development Europe

Ben Rund

General Manager DACH & VP Business Development Europe

Manuel Dirnhofer, Sales Executive

Manuel Dirnhofer

Sales Executive