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eBook: Master Data Management for Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG firms today face the triple challenge of demanding, digital consumers, new competitors, and a shifting balance of power in the CPG ecosystem. To stay competitive, the CPG companies of the future will need to run on data. Still, most CPG brands are struggling to cope with the immense growth in data volume, variety and velocity and how to use it effectively. To manage their data effectively, they can rely on MDM to drive business growth, reduce risk, and manage operations effectively.

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Riversand’s Future-Ready Master Data Management Solution Offers
Column A
  • An extensible platform with smart business applications
  • Superior data governance tools that enable businesses to be confident in the accuracy and completeness of their information
  • A true multi-domain core designed to provide a holistic view of the business and drive smarter decision making
Column B
  • High-scale processing that drives enterprise speed and agility
  • A native cloud platform that allows for fast implementation and seamless upgrades
  • Streamlined collaboration tools that connect internal and external teams

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