Automotive Retailers

Retailers across all levels of digital maturity, have diverse needs in the data domain like obtaining accurate product information, providing customer-focused service, getting the right measure of inventory of parts & accessories, vendor & supplier information, etc.

It is important to ensure product information of good quality that is standardized to the industry demands and adequately supported by digital assets, digital catalogs, printable brochures and other material to improve their customer experience and help them maintain their margins.

Automotive Manufacturers, Vendors, Distributors

Partnership with retailers in the dynamic aftermarket segment represents an opportunity that is beneficial but also challenging. Fast consolidation and syndication of product information presents a big concern for vendors and distributors of parts and accessories.

Competing in this segment requires a fast go-to-market strategy, augmented with accurate product data in terms of specifications, fitment, vehicle application, compliance to help against loss of revenues and margins due to bad data.

Why Riversand

Riversand’s Automotive Aftermarket solution enables smarter information management through intelligent automation, meaningful insights and a better user experience.

Compliance with Industry Standards

ACES and PIES are industry standards developed by the Auto Care Association to present a single source of truth for enterprises to effectively communicate with each other. With its understanding and accommodation of these standards, the Riversand solution lowers supply chain costs and contributes to increased sales and operational efficiency.

ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) is the North American industry standard for the management and exchange of automotive catalog applications data.

The Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) is the best practice for the management and exchange of product attribute information in the after-market industry.

Large and rapidly changing data sets

In addition to managing large data sets, the Aftermarket solution has the ability to absorb and process big and fast changes to these data sets brought on by rapidly expanding fleets.

Challenges of legacy systems

Challenges of legacy systems

Various enterprises in the Auto industry are saddled with disparate legacy systems that come with their own data silos that need to be integrated. Riversand’s platform eliminates data siloes reducing errors and increasing revenue opportunities.

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