Staying Apace of the Changes in the Automotive Aftermarket

Riversand’s Automotive Aftermarket offering is your ally in this difficult journey to run your business against demanding and ever-changing challenges. Riversand’s experience in this space helps us deliver a business-friendly solution that performs the tedious tasks of managing the complexities of maintaining your vehicle, part, fitment data. This frees you up to focus on your business decisions and deliver the best customer experience to your buyers.

 In the automotive aftermarket, how are you keeping up with the latest standards? Can you measure your opportunity cost for not doing so? If you’re not keeping up with the latest standards and regulations, are you dealing with penalties as a result?

 Are errors in your parts database costing you? Or, is incomplete fitment data hurting you? And if so, do you know how much and how it’s hurting your business? 

Is your coverage information effectively communicated with your customers and shoppers in a timely and immediate way?

Are you dreading increases to your digital inventory of parts, catalog assortment, or vehicle coverage because your current IT solution can’t scale? Are errors caused by using older, legacy IT systems?

Are you compromising with a one-size-fits-all PIM/MDM from a vendor that doesn’t really “get” your industry? Or are you using your e-commerce solution to make-shift a PIM/MDM band-aid for what you really need?

With Riversand MDxM for the Automotive Aftermarket, you can stream and orchestrate your multiple domains of data from different vendors; and give you the control to govern data to the right people at the right time. All to make better decisions and provide a better experience.

Automotive Retailers

Automotive Manufacturers, Vendors, Distributors

With Riversand, you can leverage a proven, future-proof, and infinitely scalable Master Data Experience Management (MDxM) Platform as a single, uniform source of trustable data for your products, suppliers, vendors, customers, and other domains. You can also have greater assurance that you are satisfactorily adhering to regulatory and compliance needs across all your markets.

We know ACES and PIES

In the auto industry, you deal with these unique industry standards that make it easy to manage and exchange data. But each time there is a modification to the data format or rules, or when the reference data changes, you’re left to scramble to modify your data to conform to these standards. With Riversand’s ACES and PIES apps, managing your data is no longer your concern. Your data will always be ready for the endpoints that need to see it.

A single unified view of all your data

You are probably stuck with systems that were designed 20-30 years ago. These legacy systems were barely getting the job done for your data management requirements but are now falling woefully short in the rapidly evolving automotive segment. Your data is sitting in silos that not only leads to errors that can unduly increase your costs. but also hurt your topline growth. With Riversand’s single unified multi-domain platform, you can be assured that your data is in synch across all systems. This singular view of your data, will unlock access to all the built-in insights growing your revenue that comes from cross-domain intelligence and that will help you make better business decisions.

Yes, it’s a SaaS you can actually tailor to suit you uniquely

Without a solution for the automotive market, you’re probably planning to get a generic PIM and embark on an expensive mission to making it work for your specific needs. Riversand’s Automotive Aftermarket offering is built specifically for this segment with not just use cases and industry best practices but analytics and reporting specific to your industry baked in. Automation in the solution helps enforce standards internally and provides an end-to-end view of your data from parts onboarding, managing fitment notes, enriching with digital assets, including warranty information to distributing the catalogs in various formats.

Spotlight Features of Riversand’s Master Data Experience Management (MDxM) Platform for the Automotive Aftermarket:
  • The 360 view: Get the full view of parts, and their applications on various vehicles with checks on brand, assets, fitment, documents, and guidelines
  • Identify and analyze coverage issues and parts dropped
  • Validate and manage duplicates, overlaps, and conflict checks to have the full picture of good quality parts, applications, and vehicles data
  • Cloud-native, Multi-Domain: Built from the ground-up for elastic scale and to handle structured and unstructured data
  • Dynamic Data Governance: Balancing speed of onboarding versus quality of content
  • Workflows: Automated, robust, and seamless to enable collaboration
  • Smart category-based templates, ease of content mapping, pre-validate to your exact requirements
  • Connectors: A rapidly growing breadth and depth of connectors to a rapidly increasing number of channels
  • Reuse/inheritance for smarter generation of content
  • A robust and flexible business rules engine…Validating and automating content to your contextual needs
  • Complete visibility of product content: The view is up to you…from attributes to digital assets to product relationships and beyond
  • Cross-domain visibility and analytics across digital supply chain to deliver a singular view of data across domains
  • UI built to get work done: Innovative and user-tested to multiple roles, all with a modern look and feel
  • Data privacy: Compliant and certified across multiple global certifications

Supporting info for Riversand’s Distribution solution:

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Extensibility to enable creation of custom applications suited to your specific needs (App SDK)

User-friendly channel and output configurations

ROI for Multi-Domain Data Management

A multi-domain MDM/PIM can leverage your data across all domains and improve your sales, reduce operational costs and increase compliance with standards.


Conversion rate increase by using PIM


Margin increase by using PIM


Speed gains for e-commerce using PIM

Riversand is Globally Proven with Happy Customers

From Fortune 5 companies to high growth upstarts looking for a competitive advantage, many of our customers operate across geographies, regulations, and audiences. With Riversand’s wide capabilities, they aren’t restricted in customizing their workflows, building their own apps (with our SDK) to extend the Riversand Platform to their individual needs, and working with our own internal teams and the world’s best technology partners and system integrators to maximize the operational uses of their investment.

Clients can also realize immediate return on their investment, with the ability to go live in weeks…and even a few days. We pack our implementation with as much know-how as our technology platform, including the ability to help you implement remotely. We take pride in helping customers achieve quick time-to-market and ROI.

And we’re pretty proud of making our customers happy:

G2 CrowdGartner Peer Insights

Our G2 review average is 4.6 out of 5.

Our Gartner Peer Insights review average is 4.9 out of 5.

Why Riversand

Riversand’s Automotive Aftermarket solution enables smarter information management through intelligent automation, meaningful insights and a better user experience.

Best Solution in the Market

Riversand is a Leader* in the Master Data Management sector. We work alongside global distribution companies in sectors ranging from safety & security to medical devices to solve today’s data management problems and define tomorrow’s solutions - resulting in the best products in the market today.

A single solution to master your experiences

Data management, and its nearly infinite facets and sources, is a challenge. Developing capabilities around governance, smart and efficient data use and insights, and measurably improved customer, product, and supplier experiences is not usually native to most companies, but it’s the goal to increase revenues and reduce costs.

Combining master data with transactional data to provide the next level of analytics is the start. Based on customer needs, we’ve also developed complementary products such as Location Master, Party Master, and Augmented solutions such as PxM, Product 360, Customer 360.

Long Term ROI with Riversand: Built for today and tomorrow

Our goal is to equip you with the best tools in the market to serve your industry, or industries intelligently. With Riversand, you have a tool to master your data and deliver better experiences. Specifically, you can deploy Riversand’s MDxM Automotive Aftermarket platform as a single, unified technology solution – powered as one – without costly, unpredictable, and disparate technologies glued on and with a high total cost of ownership. With Riversand, you have proven predictability, dynamic and unlimited scalability, and the peace of knowing you have a data platform built to help you navigate today’s needs and to give you the confidence of knowing you can also manage tomorrow’s unpredictable demands.

Long-Term Value, Delivered Quickly

We have a track record of successful implementations with our customers. Our aim is always to deploy Riversand technology in as short a time as possible so that our customers can see results in the short term - and the long-run.

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