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Track Raw Material

Avoid the potential for pitfalls like added fees, a damaged reputation, and PR nightmares, without a proper quality management program. A data management solution will enable consistent and reliable raw food traceability to ensure food safety and timely delivery - especially for items with a limited shelf-life.

Manage New Product Introduction

Learn about your customers, what they want, need, and lack by involving all business partners in the process of successfully bringing to market new products. With a product information management platform shared company-wide, decisions regarding new products can now take into account additional insight, thereby offering the right products at the right time to the right customers.

Eliminate Silos

Connect distant yet dependent departments (such as purchasing and shipping) for inbound freight management allowing for transparency among functions throughout the organization for maximum production. Data and product information management automates data flow, effortlessly linking together appropriate departments.

Brand Management and Optimization

As dietary trends and fads come and go, be proactive in assessing the best positioning and marketing for certain products and brands. Product information management provides data that is consistently updated—a tool that can be especially helpful in brand management where perception and messaging is so crucial for profitability.

Why Riversand

Riversand’s cloud-native, digital-ready Data Management solutions enable smarter information management through intelligent automation, meaningful insights and a better user experience.

Best Solution in the Market

Riversand is a Visionary* in the Master Data Management sector. We work alongside leading retailers to solve today’s data management problems and define tomorrow’s solutions - resulting in the best products in the market today.

Excellent Customer Track Record

Our success is our customers’ success. We have deployed our MDM platform and applications with leading retailers across the globe, but more importantly, we have helped these retailers reduce costs, accelerate NPI’s, win and retain new customers and grow sales.

Henrique Bonorino

CIO / Saint Gobain Abrasives

Long-Term Value, Delivered Quickly

We have a track record of successful implementations with our customers. Our aim is always to deploy Riversand technology in as short a time as possible so that our customers can see results in the short term - and the long-run.

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